About - Affixsol

Who We Are

We are a group of creatives driven to provide excellent engagement, communications, and care using all channels. We are individuals with years of experience in customer service and understanding the value of service. In addition, we stay in the know of how technology is changing and more importantly, how people are expressing their experiences to the world.

Our Mission

We believe in the small business economy. We believe every small business can compete against the large corporations.
We believe business does not have to be impersonal. We believe people matter; businesses and customers alike.
We want your business to succeed without breaking the bank to do it.

What We Do

A way to explain what we do is to ask a few questions:
— How many hours a week do you spend pushing content to attract customers?
— How many hours a week do you spend talking to your current customers?
— How quickly are you responding to any of your customer’s comments?
— Are you responding to all reviews on all review boards?
Your customers are sharing their life’s experiences more than ever and in more ways than ever.You must be where they are, listen when they express, and engage in a personable way!!
Our teams becomes your team and do all of the above on your behalf at plans well worth your time and resources.